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   You may find that it can be a complex and difficult task a test comparing different custom food trucks in Spring, TX and San Francisco, CA due to a large number of factors that go into the end result. Some of the points to consider when you build your own food truck are the materials used in the fabrication, equipment brands and how they are installed, expertise and craftsmanship, and most importantly the reputation of the builder. We understand that your food truck is the core of your business. It is your livelihood and passion, and we share that passion with you. We build custom food trucks so that our customer’s vision can come to life. We always say if you can dream it, we can build it.   

ENO GROUP INC is the Right Choice

All of our food trucks are built with top of the line craftsmanship.
We provide the best customer support and service before the start of the build, during the build-out, and most importantly, after your buildout is completed. Our clients have a dedicated customer representative once the build process begins, to answer all questions about health/fire department, truck progress, and more! We are certified to build in all 50 states and will work with you to ensure your food truck to pass all local health and fire codes. 
We are driven to provide you the highest quality product with unparalleled customer service. If this is your first Food Truck and you’re not sure exactly what you need, don’t worry, let us do the work! If you have been in the Food Truck business for a long time and want to customize every part of the construction, we are happy to do that too. Our food trucks are state of the art, built with the highest quality materials. Melding the perfect blend of imagination, innovation, and efficiency, we can bring your dream food truck to life. 

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Food Truck - Workhorse 2011

22 Feet Kitchen area

Automatic, Gas

Miles 133.000 

For SALE - $85.000

Sold in San Jose, CA

Food Truck

-Ford   2009

18 feet kitchen area

Automatic, Gas, 

Miles - 230.000

For SALE - $82.000

Food Truck

- Ford


18 feet kitchen area

Automatic, Gas  Miles - 220.000

For SALE - $79.000

Sold in San Diego, CA

Food Truck - Ford  2009

18 feet kitchen area

Automatic, Gas, Miles 200.000

For SALE - $79.000

Food Truck -



18 feet kitchen area

Gas, Automatic, Miles 191.000

For SALE - $79.000 


Food Truck - Ford  2009

18 feet kitchen area

Gas, Automatic, Miles 167.000

For SALE - $79.000


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